National Latino Events in 2010-11                                                        

National Hispanic Medical Association's 15th Annual Conference
Washington, DC                                                                                              March 17-20, 2011                                                                      

NACCS XXXVIII (National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies): Sites for Education for Social Justice
Pasadena, CA
March 30-April 2, 2011  

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities’ 16th Annual National Capitol Forum on Hispanic Higher Education
The Westin Hotel City Center Washington, DC                                                 April 4-5, 2011  

2011 Call for Papers
Western Regional
National Association of Hispanic and Latino Studies Conference                  Papers must be submitted by April 29, 2011
                                                     Conference will be held September 29-October 1, 2011
Town & Country Hotel San Diego, California                                                       For more infromation visit  

NATIONAL NEWS                                                                                                           

NY Education Commissioner Pushes for DREAM Act

October 15th, 2011                                                              By Pat Young

   The New York Board of Regents is expected to begin a push for passage of the DREAM Act next week according to the New York Times:
When they vote on their legislative agenda on Tuesday, New York State’s top education officials will focus for the first time on the contentious topic of illegal immigration.
   The agenda, proposed by the state education commissioner, John B. King Jr., to the Board of Regents, has as a top priority a proposal to push Congress to pass legislation that would provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who go to college. Included in that legislation, known as the Dream Act, is a provision that would give students who are in the country illegally access to tuition assistance at city and state universities. The agenda is expected to be approved. Read more...

Dilcia Granville First Dominican Inventor  By Jose Acosta

New York- Dominican businesswoman Dilcia Granville became the first Dominican to the patent inventor and market the product American Dip & See, the only portable indicator of sugar in the drink.
The idea came about when her friend who has diabetes fell into a coma for three months, after drinking a drink in a restaurant which she was told had no sugar.
Her friend told Granville: Can you believe in this market so big of the United States, there is no portable instrument to measure how much sugar is in a drink that someone is going to drink?
"I began to question, I could not believe that there was no portable instrument that measures the sugar to help diabetics and people with obesity problems, but after investigating I found out that it was true," said Granville.
While Granville has a doctorate in philosophy and science is not her field, her preparation led her to study and investigate how to invent Dip & See, until she discovered that it was not so complicating and made it.
The Dominican inventor said that in the United States there are more than 10 million people with diabetes and more than 57 million unaware that they have it, and among them are many who suffer from critical diabetes and therefore need to avoid sugar consumption .
"In the market there are many drinks that people typically do not know that had sugar added to them," said Granville. "With this product, people can know whether a drink contains sugar before you they drink it," she said.
Once she invented the product, Granville revealed that the most difficult was to open her business. I felt lonely. When I went to the chambers of commerce, I was with established entrepreneurs who were looking to expand their businesses, not start them, "said Granville." I was looking for information on how to copyright my product, register the mark and establish myself as a businesswoman. "
The inventor said she got her answers by visiting the internet, visiting sites of the whole world. "Everything is very complicated. I think there should be an agency dedicated to helping Latina women with a talent for invention. So I created the Dominican Women's Council to provide advice and help women start a business," said Granville. "The aid is widely dispersed, there is a hotline," she added. The Dominican entrepreneur said she invented Dip & See in 2007, and last week the retail chain Walmart contacted her to see if they put her invention on the market "I'm ready for it, I'm very happy. It is hard work and you must call on many doors to get it. I am very proud to be the first inventor Dominican and hope that women with talent for inventing draw their ideas and launched to implement them, "said Granville.
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